Cameron Torrens, MGA Class of 2018

What are your interests?

I am interested in American politics, risk governance, and finance. However, more than anything else, I love integrating political risk assessment into business-related decision making.

Where are working this summer?

I worked as a Risk Research Analyst for the CEO of Melancthon Capital Corporation, Mike Durland, in Toronto.

What does your internship involve?

Our team was given a bunch of assignments over the summer that included potential blockchain applications within mining supply chains, vertical farming practices, developing a machine learning algorithm, and analyzing emotions from social media posts. We presented our research to clients, wrote briefs, and did industry outreach.

Internship highlights:

This may be kind of nerdy but it was extremely satisfying to see positive results from our machine learning algorithm we had developed over the summer with the help of our computer science expert.

What is the best part about living in Toronto?

I have moved a lot in my life but I have never had the opportunity to experience a summer in Toronto. The culture of the city is an absolute blast to be a part of once the weather improves. I also would not be against the subway platforms having air conditioning sooner rather than later.

Highlight of the MGA degree so far?

Aside from the lovely people I have had the pleasure to get to know over the past year, three events stuck out. 1) Witnessing the Munk Debate in person (and on stage!) 2) Attending the Stephen Toope Current Event Discussion Series 3) Having constant positive support from my cohort for a student organization I co-founded called the Global Risk Observatory

Describe your MGA experience in 5 words or less?

Hope you like group work!