Capstone Projects

The Master of Global Affairs creates opportunities for its students to work with clients developing real-life solutions for global problems.

Second year capstone projects are a true reflection of the real world – our students provide genuine insight on global problems for real clients. Students work together in a team, across geographies, to provide a client with value-added analysis and innovative solutions.

In preparation for GLA2000H Capstone Seminar in the winter term, year two students enroll in GLA2011H Research Methods for Global Affairs in the fall term. Both are required courses.

There are currently five Capstone sections: Markets, Innovation Policy, Security, Justice, Development. These sections are subject to change each year. The Capstone course is offered in the winter term of year two.

During the fall semester of year two students will be asked to rank their Capstone choices. While most students will end up getting their first choice, due to space constraints, some students will be assigned their second choice. 

Each section of the Capstone is led by a different faculty who secures client based projects that fit their section.

For example, in Innovation past and current clients have included the Ministry of Economic Development , Job Creation and Trade, MaRS (social innovation, the solution lab, Data Catalyst), Sustainable Development Technologies Canada, and Anzu Partners, and Global Challenges Canada. 

In Markets, past and current clients have included Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, Cultovo, StatCanada, and the Ontario CleanTech Industry Association. 

In Security, past and current clients have included Global Affairs Canada (e.g. projects on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, security sector reform, conflict mediation, advanced analytics), Ottawa Dialogue (conflict monitoring), the Global Center on Cooperative Security (racism in counterterrorism and countering/preventing violent extremism policies, community policing), and the Centre for Security Governance (politics of fear).

In Development past and current clients have included Global Affairs Canada (GAC), Building Markets, Canadian Council of Chief Executives, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Invest Toronto (City of Toronto), The Rumi Initiative, and The World Bank.

In Justice, past and current clients have included the RCMP (Strategic Research Division), International Association of Chiefs of Police, Digital Inclusion Lab Global Affairs Canada, Peace and Stability Operations Division Global Affairs Canada, Public Safety Canada (National Security Division), and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Ontario. 

About Capstone Projects

A Unique MGA Experience

Real clients, real experience.

Projects that build the core skill sets needed to succeed working across the global affairs field.