Dual Degree with the Hertie School (Berlin)

Dual Degree with the Hertie School (Berlin)

The dual degree between University of Toronto’s and the Hertie School will allow students to gain two distinct and complementary degrees – a Master of Global Affairs (MGA) from Toronto and a Master of International Affairs (MIA) from the Hertie School in Berlin — in two calendar years (24 months), rather than the four years otherwise required to complete these degrees consecutively. Students enrolled in the dual degree will benefit from the unique academic strengths of each institution, the depth of the networks centered in their geographic regions, their distinct professional training, and internship resources. By studying at institutions based in Berlin and Toronto, they will benefit from studying global affairs from two different contexts (European and North American) thus ensuring a cross-cultural and global experience. Moreover, by combining a Master of International Affairs and a Master of Global Affairs, students will benefit from two complementary perspectives on the pressing global challenges of the 21st century.

Structure of the MIA/MGA

Year One (Fall/Winter)

Students complete first year courses at the Hertie School.

  • Concentration Core Course I
  • Concentration Core Course II
  • Economics I
  • Economics II or Statistics II
  • Global Politics
  • International Negotiation
  • International Law
  • Statistics I
  • Professional Skills Workshop I
  • Professional Skills Workshop II

Summer 1

  • GLA1007H Global Internship (10 to 16 weeks) plus a critical reflection paper to be submitted in September of Year 2.

Year Two (Fall/Winter)

Students complete core courses and elective courses at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy.

5 required core courses:

  • GLA1014H Global Development
  • GLA1011H Global Innovation Policy
  • GLA2111H Research Methods for Global Affairs
  • GLA2000H Capstone Seminar
  • GLA2887H Final Research and Analysis
    • Students will work on a master’s thesis. A draft of the thesis will be completed by the end of GLA28887H. The final thesis will be submitted as part of GLA2889Y Master’s Thesis in the summer term.

Five electives:


Following all Year Two courses and the required Capstone course, students will spend the summer months registered at the University of Toronto (Munk School), completing their GLA2889Y Master’s Thesis.

University of Toronto Graduation Ceremony is held in November.

How to Apply

Applicants interested in the dual degree MIA/MGA program apply directly through the Hertie School only. There is no need to submit an application to the MGA as well if you are only applying to the dual degree program. 

Applications for September 2022 entry open October 1 and close 1 May. Click here to apply to the MIA/MGA program.

Those who wish to be considered for the standalone MGA, in addition to the MIA/MGA, must also submit a separate application to the MGA program by January 20, 2022. For more information please see our admissions page.

For questions related to applying to the MIA/MGA program please contact:

Hertie School
Phone: +49 (0)30 259 219 -114
Email: grad-admissions(at)hertie-school.org

Tuition Fees:

Master of International Affairs (Hertie School) / Master of Global Affairs (University of Toronto):

Students must pay the tuition fees applicable in their host institution (please note that tuition fees are subject to change as per U of T policy):
Fall-Winter Year 1: Hertie School tuition and fees
Summer Year 1 2023: U of T: $3,160.50 (domestic) $6,594.00 (international)
Fall-Winter Year 2 2023/2024: U of T: $21, 070.00 CAD (approx.) for domestic students. $43,960.00 CAD (approx.) for international students.
Summer Year 2 2024: U of T: EXEMPT

***Please note that dual degree MIA/MGA students are not eligible for MGA scholarship funding since the dual degree program tuition is already reduced (two degrees for the tuition price of one degree).

Questions? Please visit the Hertie School’s website for more information.