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Jun 16, 2011

University of Toronto, Brookings Institution, to Co-Host Cross-Border Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region Summit Focus on Defining an Economic and Environmental Agenda for the Region

June 16, 2011

News release in advance of the June 2011 Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region Summit

Toronto – The Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program (Washington, DC) and the Mowat Centre (Toronto, ON) are co-hosting a cross-border Great Lakes-St Lawrence Region Summit on June 21-22 in Windsor and Detroit.

More than 200 senior government, business and non-profit leaders, representing eight states and two provinces, will gather to define an agenda to strengthen cross-border ties, improve trade and address shared environmental challenges.

“This summit will identify ways to deepen collaboration across the international border. Regions are becoming more important in today’s world, not less. The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin region could be the most attractive place in North America to live, work, and invest in the coming century,” says Matthew Mendelsohn, Director of the Mowat Centre.

“We possess a healthy ecosystem and are rich in physical, educational, financial, and human capital.”

The opening reception will be held in Detroit, Michigan on the evening of June 20th at the Max Fisher Music Centre in downtown Detroit. Summit proceedings from June 21-22 will take place at Windsor’s St. Clair College Centre for the Arts.

“The Great Lakes are our greatest asset. They provide a platform on which to build sustainability and prosperity in coming decades,” says John Austin, President of the Michigan State Board of Education and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

For the complete summit agenda, including speakers and registration information