The Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney to kick off 2022-23 David Peterson Public Leadership Lecture Series

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is the First Speaker at 2022-23 David Peterson Public Leadership Program Signature Lecture Series

by Adrienne Harry

September 13, 2022

What is the future of democratic societies and what is Canada’s role in a changing world? On September 22, The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney will join Munk School Director Peter Loewen, to discuss at the first event in the 2022-23 David Peterson Public Leadership Program Signature Lecture Series.

In September 1984, Mulroney led the Progressive Conservative party to the largest victory in Canadian history, becoming the country’s 18th Prime Minister. He was re-elected with a majority government four years later, thereby becoming the first Canadian Prime Minister in 35 years to win successive majority governments and the first Conservative Prime Minister to do so in 100 years.

Mulroney’s government introduced initiatives such as the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Canada-U.S. Acid Rain Treaty and the Canada-U.S. Arctic Cooperation Agreement. It also introduced a wave of privatizations, a low inflation policy, historic tax reform, extensive deregulation and expenditure reduction policies that continue to be the basis of Canada’s economic performance today. After nine years of serving as Prime Minister, Mulroney resigned in June 1993.

“As Prime Minister, Mr. Mulroney took on big issues domestically and internationally, and we look forward to hearing his reflections,” says Loewen. “In government, he was often controversial, always ambitious and believed that politics is all about getting things done.”

Loewen says that Mr. Mulroney’s approach to governing Canada can give good insight into how democracies can make their way in an increasingly difficult world while getting big things done at home.

Made possible by the generosity of the Honourable David Peterson and Mrs. Shelley Peterson, the David Peterson Public Leadership Program Lecture Series are events that address topics of signficant importance to public policy in Canada. These lectures bring together well-respected policy practitioners, politicians, and members of the private sector to examine pressing issues and help produce a lasting policy roadmap for Canada. Upcoming speakers include Christine Hogan, deputy minister of environment and climate change; Marta Morgan, deputy minister of Global Affairs Canada; and John Baird, former minister of foreign affairs.

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