Toronto, Canada – Today, the Munk School of Global Affairs announced that Shiri Breznitz will be joining the Munk One and Master of Global Affairs program as Assistant Professor.  An economic geographer, she specializes in innovation, technology, and regional economic development.  Her research is at the critical intersection of theory and policy to fit the new realities of globalization.

Professor Breznitz’s work has informed policymaking at the local, national, and international levels. She has advised on the role of universities in the larger story of innovation, on the economic impact of biotechnology, and on the role of clusters in driving innovation.

Janice Stein, Director of the Munk School, said, “When we designed a program to deepen how our students think about innovation, it was clear that we needed an expert as well as a committed teacher working at the cutting-edge of innovation studies. I could not be more excited that Shiri Breznitz will be joining us at the Munk School.”

Professor Breznitz’s latest book analyzes universities’ relationships with government and industry, focusing on the biotechnology industry as a case study. She is also, together with Professor Henry Etzkowitz, editing the book “University Technology Transfer:  The Globalization of Academic Innovation.” Additional work by Professor Breznitz has been published in Regional Studies, Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Economic Development Quarterly, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and The Journal of Technology Transfer. 

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