Nancy Bertoldi

Associate Professor, Cross-appointed to Department of Political Science and Trudeau Centre for Peace, Conflict and Justice
Headshot of Nancy Bertoldi

Areas of interest

  • Global Order
  • Global Justice
  • Global Poverty
  • Global Inequality
  • Global Pluralism
  • Human Rights
  • Sovereignty
  • Global Civil Disobedience


Main Bio

Nancy Bertoldi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science. Her research focuses on normative questions in international relations and explores the contours of a just and peaceful global order. Entitled Human Rights and Sovereignty, her first book project develops a civic conception of global justice inspired by Rawls to address the challenges of poverty and inequality as they arise in a plural world. Her second book will examine the practical implications of this theory for policy debates on the global governance of trade, health, and the environment. This work will pay special attention to the roles played by practices of collective justification in the construal of fairness claims and the necessity of developing governance mechanisms that allow for principled and rule-governed civil disobedience within multilateral global institutional frameworks.

Select publications

  • Bertoldi, Nancy. 2013.  “Autonomous Development and Global Empowerment.” Chapter in Political Responsibility Refocused, edited by Genevieve Fuji Johnson and Loralea Michaelis. (University of Toronto Press): pp. 63-77.
  • Kokaz, Nancy. 2007. 22 pages. “Poverty and Global Justice.” Ethics and International Affairs, Volume 21 No.3 (September): pp.317-336.
  • Kokaz, Nancy. 2007. 43 pages. “Institutions for Global Justice.” Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Volume 31 (February): pp. 65-107.
  • Kokaz, Nancy. 2005. 25 pages. “Theorizing International Fairness.” Metaphilosophy, Volume 36 (January): pp. 68-92.
  • Kokaz, Nancy. 2001. 23 pages. “Moderating Power: A Thucydidean Perspective.” Review of International Studies, Vol. 27 (January): pp. 27-49

Awards & recognition

  • TVO Nomination as Contestant for Best Lecturer, 2005
  • SSHRC Research Award, 2004
  • Faculty Development Award from Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs,, 2003
  • Institute for Advanced Study Endowed Membership, 2003
  • Excellence inTeaching Award from Bok Centre for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University, 1999
  • First Place Award in Department of Political Science and International Relations at Boğaziçi University, 1993
  • Third Place Award in Department of management at Boğaziçi University, 1993


Introduction to Peace, Conflict, and Justice Studies
Introduction to International Relations
Undergraduate Research Participation
Ethics and International Relations
Experiences of Conflict
International Relations Field Seminar
Ethics and International Relations
Supervised Graduate Reading Course