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Teresa Kramarz

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Director, Munk One
Co-Director, Environmental Governance Lab






Room B211, 315 Bloor Street West



Teresa Kramarz is the Director of Munk One, a program for first year undergraduate students at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, and Co-Director of the Environmental Governance Lab alongside Matthew Hoffmann and Steven Bernstein. An expert on international organizations and global governance, with emphasis on global environmental politics, her work has examined the impact of the World Bank’s public-private partnerships on democracy, innovation, and financially sustainable conservation governance, the legitimacy of the World Bank as a global knowledge actor, and the local/global relationship in the provision of global public goods. She has current and upcoming publications with Review of Policy Research, Global Environmental Politics, Springer, Oxford University Press, and the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition. Dr. Kramarz has extensive experience in her field having worked for almost ten years with the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Food and Agricultural Organization, and the Canadian International Development Agency on sustainable development programs, institutional analysis and capacity building for the biodiversity, climate change and decertification conventions.



Kramarz, Teresa and Donald Kingsbury (2021) “Populist Moments and Extractivist States in Venezuela and Ecuador: The People’s Oil?” London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Kramarz, Teresa  (2020) “Forgotten Values:  The World Bank and Environmental Partnerships.” Cambridge: MIT Press.

Park, Susan and Teresa Kramarz (2019) “Global Environmental Governance and the Accountability Trap.” Cambridge: MIT Press.

Special Issues Editor

Kramarz, Teresa and Susan Park (2017).  “Accountability, Policy and Environmental Governance,” Special Issue Editors of Review of Policy Research, 34 (1).

Park, Susan and Teresa Kramarz (2016). “Accountability in Global Environmental Governance,” Special Section editors of Global Environmental Politics 16 (2).

Journal Articles

Kramarz, Teresa(2021), “Extractive Industry Disasters and Community Responses: A Typology of Vulnerable Subjects.” Environmental Politics 1-21.

Kramarz, Teresa, Susan Park and Craig Johnson (2021), “Governing the Dark Side of Renewable Energy: A Typology of Global Displacements.” Energy Research in the Social Sciences, 74

Park, Susan, Teresa Kramarz, Craig Johnson and Stacy VanDeveer (2019), “Globalizing the Global Green New Deal:  Harmful Extractives in the Green Energy Shift,” in The Green New Deal: Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy.  Public Administration Review Bully Pulpit Symposium.

Kingsbury, Donald, Teresa Kramarz and Kyle Jacques (2019). “Populism or Petrostate? The Afterlives of Ecuador’s Yasuní-ITT Initiative.” Society and Natural Resources, 32 (5).

Kramarz, Teresa (2018). “Using the Courts to Protect the Environment in Argentina:  Accountability Pitfalls When Judges Have the Last Word.” Case Studies in the Environment, 2 (1).

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Kramarz, Teresa (2015). “World Bank Partnerships and the Promise of Democratic Governance,” Environmental Policy and Governance, 26 (1).

Kramarz, Teresa and Bessma Momani (2013).  “The World Bank as Knowledge Bank:  Analyzing the Limits of a Legitimate Global Knowledge Actor.”  Review of Policy Research, 30 (4)

Kramarz, Teresa (2008).  “International Organizations and Public-Private Partnerships for Biodiversity Conservation:  From Policy Entrepreneurs to Norm Entrepreneurs?” In Global Tensions Global Possibilities: Everyday Forces of Conformity and Contestation.  Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition, Globalization Working Paper Series, 8 (2).

Book Chapters

Agrawal, Atharv, Jonathan Banfield, Suehyun Cho, Teresa Kramarz and Eric Zhao (2021) “Community Vulnerability to Extractive Industry Disasters,” in The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Futures, edited by Robert Brears. London: Palgrave Macmillan

Kramarz, Teresa (2020) “Broad and Deep Transformations,” in Towards a Just Ecological Transition in the European Union, edited by César Luena and Antonio Estella. MadridCatarata.

Kramarz, Teresa and Susan Park (2019) “Identifying Multiple Accountabilities in Global Environmental Governance,” in Global Environmental Governance and the Accountability Trap, edited by Susan Park and Teresa Kramarz. Boston: MIT Press

Park, Susan and Teresa Kramarz. (2019) “Does Accountability Matter for Global Environmental Governance?” in Global Environmental Governance and the Accountability Trap, edited by Susan Park and Teresa Kramarz. Boston: MIT Press

Kramarz, Teresa and Bessma Momani (2018) “Knowledge and Learning in the World Bank: Assessing the Role, Challenges and Prospects for a More Accountable IFI,” in John Kirton and Marina Larionova (editors), Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Summit Governance, Global Governance Series.  Aldershot, England: Ashgate Publishing.

Kramarz, Teresa (2012).  “Partnerships in Global Environmental Governance:  The Growth of a Procedural Norm without Substance” in Roldan Muradian and Laura Rival (editors), Governing the Provision of Ecosystem Services.  New York: Springer.

Non-Refereed Reports

Kramarz, Teresa(2019). “Curricular Review of Global Politics.”  Report for the International Baccalaureate Organization. The Hague, Netherlands.

Kramarz, Teresa (2017). “Internationalizing the Domestic Curriculum:  Global Classrooms at the University of Toronto.” Teaching Fellowship Report, University of Toronto.

Kramarz, Teresa and Jeff Burrows (2014). “Woodsworth One:  Assessment of a First-Year Program’s Impact on Academic Engagement.” Program Evaluation for Woodsworth College, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto.

Kramarz, Teresa, Ben Donato-Woodger, and Kristen Pue (2014). “Accountability in Global Environmental Governance.” Workshop Report. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto. Available at:

Media Articles

Kramarz, Teresa, Susan Park and Craig Johnson. “Some Inconvenient Truths in the Race to a Renewable Energy Transition.” The Hill TimesAvailable at  June 16, 2021

Kramarz, Teresa (2020). “La vulnerabilidad y desigualdad que deja ver el COVID” Revista Ñ.  Diario Clarín. Available at June 19, 2020

Kramarz, Teresa (2020). “From Pandemic to Floods:  Inequality as a Comorbidity” Global Americans. Available at June 11, 2020

Kramarz, Teresa (2020). “Parallel Lessons from COVID 19 and Climate Change” The Hill Times. Available at  June 10, 2020

Kramarz, Teresa (2019). “Accountability for Climate Action in the Era of Greta” Global Americans. Available at October 3, 2019

Kramarz, Teresa (2019).  “Reasserting Proper Relationships of Accountability in the Age of Greta.” The Conversation.  Available at September 29, 2019

Kramarz, Teresa (2019). “El Estado ya no Cuida el Planeta.” Revista Ñ.  Diario Clarín. Available at September 20, 2019

Kramarz, Teresa (2019). “Acting on Climate while States Fail to Act” Global Americans.  Available at: September 17, 2019

Kramarz, Teresa (2019). “Those Women Who Cannot be Named,” in International Women’s Day 2019: 10 Women Making Waves Globally. Open Canada. Centre for International Governance Innovation.  Available at March 7, 2019

Kramarz, Teresa (2018). “Cine Político:  Reconstrucción de la Mirada Indígena.” Revista Ñ.  Diario Clarín. Available at October 10, 2018

Kramarz, Teresa (2018). “Birds of Passage: A new film sheds light on how narcotics have affected indigenous communities in Latin America.” Global Americans.  Available at: September 28, 2018

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Kramarz, Teresa (2016). “Was 2016 a Wake-Up Call for the Normalization of Gender Violence Across the Americas? Open Canada.Centre for International Governance Innovation, the Canadian International Council and the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History. Available at December 12,

Kramarz, Teresa (2016). “The Price of Normalizing Gender Violence.”  Latin America Goes Global. Institute of Latin American Studies at Columbia University.  Available at December 9.

Kramarz, Teresa (2016). “Para la Ley, Dañar la Naturaleza es Delito.”  Revista Ñ.  Diario Clarin.  Available at November 1,

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Kramarz, Teresa (2013). “Order & Disorder: Update from the First Cohort” Window on Woodsworth, Vol. 9.03.

Kramarz, Teresa (2012).  “Successful Launch of the Woodsworth ONE Program” Woodsworth College, University of Toronto. Available at: 

.Kramarz, Teresa (2003). “The End of Vigorous Debate,” The Journal News, April 28.

Kramarz, Teresa (2003). “Democratic Awakening,” Buenos Aires Herald, April 19.

Kramarz, Teresa (2003). “Child Care Subsidy Process for Daycare Moms” White Plains Citizen Net Reporter, March 10.

Kramarz, Teresa (2003). “Grace Church Leaders on Impact of Faith-Based Initiative Legislation” White Plains Citizen Net Reporter, February 20.

Kramarz, Teresa (2002). “Workers Defend their Rights” El Aguila (5) 11.

Kramarz, Teresa (2002). “Rising Hispanic Business Mirrors Fast Growing Population” El Aguila (5) 10.

Media Appearances

“Nine Actions You Can Take to Combat Climate Change”Bustle Magazine. August 16, 2021 

“The World Bank” a Sweaty Penguin podcast with special guest Teresa Kramarz.Peril and Promise (PBS station WNET). May 21, 2021. Available at 

“Meet U of T Professor Teresa Kramarz,”University of Toronto. June 11 2021. Available at

“A Q&A with Teresa Kramarz: Discusses her new book “Forgotten Values: The World Bank and Environmental Partnerships”Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. April 22, 2021. Available at [Accessed April 30, 2021)

“Learning from Covid-19: Preparing for the Next Pandemic.” Invited commentator. MunkSchool of Global Affairs and Public Policy, October 15, 2020. Available at 

“State Sovereignty and Climate Change.” Invited commentator on TVO’sThe Agenda with Steve Paikin. September 9, 2019. Available at 

“Birds of Passage and the Beginning of Colombian Drug Trafficking.”Invited speaker of the Toronto International Film Festival, Global Speaker Series, September 11, 2018.

“Silas and Illegal Logging in Liberia.” Invited speaker at the Toronto International Film Festival, Global Speaker Series, September 13, 2017.

“The Animal’s Wife and Gender Violence in Colombia.” Invited speaker of the Toronto International Film Festival, Global Speaker Series, September 14, 2016.

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