Joseph Schallert

Associate Professor, Slavic Linguistics, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Affiliated Faculty, Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies


416-926-1300 ext. 3246


121 St. Joseph Street, Room 409



Prof. Joseph Schallert has been a member since 1993 of the faculty of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Toronto, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Old Church Slavonic, Comparative Slavic Linguistics, the History of the Russian Language, and Slavic Folklore. His primary areas of research are Macedonian and Bulgarian dialectology, as well as the comparative accentuation of Slavic languages and dialects. His research stays in the Balkans include a year in the Republic of Macedonia as a Fulbright Scholar in 1982-1983, during which he conducted archival work on materials for the Macedonian Dialect Atlas in Skopje as well as fieldwork in eastern Macedonia under the guidance of Bozhidar Vidoeski and Kosta Peev, as well as later briefer stays in Maleshevo in eastern Macedonia (Dec. 1990), the Rhodope dialect of Stojkite (Aug. 1997), the Aegean Macedonian village of Vrbnik in Albania (July 2000), and the Northeastern Bulgarian dialect of Kjulevča (Aug. 2000). Prof. Schallert has published more than a dozen articles in the field of Balkan Slavic dialectology and 19th vernacular Gospel texts on a variety of topics including accentuation, phonology, and the lexicon, as well as on the prosody of dialects of the Dalmatian coast and the Eastern Slovak “Sotak” dialect. Currently, Prof. Schallert is at work on an accentual dictionary and atlas of masculine nouns in Balkan Slavic dialects.

Research Interests

Primary research fields: Balkan Slavic dialects, Slavic accentology.
Secondary research fields: West Slavic prosody, Old Russian syntax
Current projects: Accentual dictionary and atlas of masculine nouns in Balkan Slavic dialects, Morpho-lexical isoglosses in Balkan Slavic dialects.


Ph.D., The University of California, Berkeley (1984)
M.A., The University of California, Berkeley (1979)
M.A., Yale University, (1974)
B.A., The University of Southern California (1973)


ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies) Fellowship (1990-1991)
NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) Fellowship (Summer 1986)
IREX-Fulbright dissertation scholar (Macedonia, 1982-1983

selected publications

“The historical accentuation of masculine nouns in Čakavian and Štokavian dialects in the light of Deanović’s Lingvistički atlas Mediterana,: Slavia Centralis 2 (2014):30-48.

“(Con)fusion of e- and i-verb present tense stem vowels in the Lower Vardar Macedonian Konikovo Gospel,”
(to appear in Balkanistica: Festschrift in Honor of Victor Friedman, 2015, 10 pp.)

“Revisiting the ъ > o shift in Balkan Slavic,” Canadian Slavonic Papers, 55, March-June, 2013 (Canadian contributions to the 15th International Congress of Slavists, Minsk, 2013) 180-211.

“Sotak prosody reconsidered (part one),” in Dilektologie a geolingvistika v současne střední Evropě (Frýdek-Míste: Kleinwächter, slezská univerzita v Opavě, 2011) 192-209.

“The role of quantity and sonority in the accentuation of masculine baryona in Balkan Slavc dialects,” From Present to Past and Back: Papers on Baltic and Slavc Accentology, ed. Roman Sukač, Potsdam Linguistic Investigations, v. 7, (Peter Lang Verlag, 2011) 146-165.


Old Church Slavonic
Russian Syntax and Style
Slavic Folklore
Unity and Diversity of Slavic Languages
From Gibraltar to the Ganges: In Search of Linguistic Origins

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