The Centre for the Study of the United States (CSUS) represents the largest collection of U.S.-focused scholars in Canada, as well as the greatest concentration of U.S. expertise in Canada’s history. With over 66 faculty affiliates, we have unprecedented strength in U.S. expertise and in American Studies, both institutionally and nationally. CSUS and American Studies bridge the social sciences and the humanities in three major areas of activity: undergraduate teaching, research, and programming for the university community and beyond.

CSUS was established in 1999 to build and promote the University’s resources in American Studies and U.S.-focused research and teaching. Its vision is to build on its position as the nation’s premier site of interdisciplinary U.S.-focused research, teaching, and public programming. The Centre bridges the social sciences and the humanities in its work, as well as collaborates closely with scholars in law, business, and public policy. In addition to bridging the social sciences and the humanities, it balances a focus on the U.S. as an object of study with transnational, comparative, and international approaches.