The extraordinary growth of economies in the Asia Pacific region in the past two decades, in combination with a revolution in communications and the shattering forces of globalization, has transformed national societies, redefined relations among nations and people, and established new links connecting the region with the rest of the world. Whether we are discussing economic development, peace and conflict, the activities of multi-national corporations, religious tolerance, the well-being of children or simply the distribution of power within nations, Canadians need comparative knowledge of cultures in the Asia Pacific and the capacity to use the languages of countries about which questions are posed.

The Dr. David Chu Program is a place where the study and learning of this important region of the world takes place. The goal of the program is to work cooperatively, both inside and outside the University, to gain new perspectives in the study of the Asia Pacific. The program has direct ties with the Department of East Asian Studies. Our major activities include undergraduate teaching, scholarships, the distinguished leaders program, visiting scholars and research projects, and a community network involving speakers, seminars, and workshops.

For more information on the program and its requirements, please visit the Asia-Pacific Studies website.