The Global Summitry Project (GSP) at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto promotes examination and research into global governance and the structure of the contemporary global order. The GSP has created an online library of authoritative global summitry sites and documentation from key formal and informal global governance institutions and other meetings at the global summitry level. Its signature publication, Global Summitry, first appeared as a peer-reviewed journal with Oxford University and before that with BePublishing. Today, Global Summitry is a full e-journal, with the digital issues on special global governance issues complemented by three podcast series: ‘Shaking the Global Order: Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump’, ‘Summit Dialogue’ and ‘Now’. In addition, the platform hosts the long-standing blog ‘RisingBRICSAM’ and a YouTube channel with video interviews of experts and former officials on global summitry and the challenges of global governance. All these platforms include stellar editorial and global advisory boards.

In addition to these efforts, the GSP has recently developed the ‘China-West Dialogue’ (CWD)—a global research effort to examine US-Europe-China-Asian country relations, in particular, in the context of rising US-China tensions. The GSP has also developed a series of partnerships with world-ranking research institutes, think tanks, academic centres, and experts around the globe on critical questions about the future global order. They contribute to the authoritative documentation and research reports that are posted to the site. These reports, archives, and links have established the GSP website as a must-visit site for China-West, global governance and global order issues.