The Munk School of Global Affairs is home to a wide range of researchers, teaching programs and international partnerships, all of which share a strong focus on innovation.

The existing strengths at the Munk School in the field of Innovation Policy are spread across a number of different centres and research programs, whose collective research and teaching initiatives describe a unique and exciting approach to the study of innovation.  The Innovation Policy Lab (IPL) will provide a new institutional home for these initiatives.

Bringing together teams of researchers from multiple schools and departments at the University of Toronto, as well as from other institutions in countries across the globe, the IPL focuses on core questions in a number of areas including innovation and growth, innovation and inequality, globalization and innovation, social innovation, new technologies and their impact on society, innovation in traditional industries, and arts and innovation. Since IPL’s aim is not only to advance basic research but also to effect change, they pay particular attention to the role of public policy in nurturing innovation, while at the same time enhancing its positive impacts on society and limiting its negative consequences.