The Islam and Global Affairs Initiative is an interdisciplinary network of scholars whose work covers the most complex questions relating to the intersection of Islam and world affairs. Our work engages with the most provocative issues facing the modern Muslim world, such as the evolution of jihadist organizations in the Middle East and North Africa, the question of gender and sexuality in diverse Islamic societies, and the effect of refugee flows in provoking xenophobic backlashes in Europe and the United States.

To tackle these pressing contemporary issues, we host a series of public events at the Munk School, which bring together experts across sub-fields and disciplines. Rather than react to headlines, our focused events are designed to provide a forum for deep analysis on political and security questions of enduring relevance. In addition to these events, our network also serves as a resource for the Munk School for those moments when world events require a “hot pursuit” from leading scholars with relevant expertise on these topics. The Islam and Global Affairs Initiative is committed to bringing together researchers from a wide range of scholarly backgrounds, who can bring analytical depth to these enduring global challenges.