This program offers students with interests in Ethnic, Immigration and Pluralism Studies the opportunity to widen their horizons, to expand their knowledge beyond a single disciplinary base, and to take advantage of the wealth and diversity of academic resources available at the University of Toronto, a university situated in a large and culturally cosmopolitan city.

Each participating faculty provides a distinctive perspective and knowledge-base for the study of topics such as ethnic and race relations, international migration and immigration, cultural and linguistic communities, inter-group dynamics, nationalist movements, aboriginal affairs, and human rights. The program also features a basic interdisciplinary seminar on “Ethnic Relations Theory, Research, and Policy.” This wide range of program opportunities makes it valuable for students planning careers in academic research and teaching, policy research, and professional practice and administration.

Students may also take advantage of special lectures, conferences, and workshops sponsored by the Robert F. Harney Professorship and Program in Ethnic, Immigration and Pluralism Studies. These events bring eminent researchers and practioners from around the world to enhance the research community at the University of Toronto, and to further broaden the foundation for professional development.

Ethnic and Pluralism Studies at the University of Toronto is not a degree granting program. Rather it is a collaborative graduate program open only to students who have been admitted to and enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in one of the affiliated departments. Upon successfully completing the requirements, in addition to a master’s or a doctoral degree in their disciplines, students will receive a specialization noted on their transcripts as “Completed Collaborative Program in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies.” For more information on the application process, including a list of participating departments, please visit the program website.