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David Holysh

January 1, 1894 | By |

‎Economist, Department of Finance Canada

Year of Graduation

Prior Education
University of Toronto, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science

Prior Experience
Policy and Programs Assistant, Assistive Devices Program, Direct Services Division, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

MPP Summer Internship
Consultant, Corporate Branch, University Health Network

What did you like best about the MPP program?

Being taught by senior policymakers. The opportunity to meet, learn from, and get advice from individuals who have risen to the highest levels of their respective organizations is a rare and valuable opportunity to receive – especially while still in university. Even though I’m only a few months out of the MPP program, the guidance that I’ve been given has ensured a smooth transition between my education and my career, and has provided me with the skills and mindset to succeed going forward.