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The Canada-UK Colloquium – Past Colloquia

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Past Colloquia

2021 – Devolution, Federalism & Covid-19: The Road Ahead

November 1, 2021Canada-UK Colloquium,15-16 May 2021 (virtual) Read More

2020 – The Nuclear Agenda: Challenges and Opportunities

November 1, 2021Canada-UK Colloquium, November 21-22 2020, Toronto, CA (virtual) Read More

2018 – Artificial Intelligence & Society: Choices, Risks & Opportunities

February 21, 2020Canada-UK Colloquium, November 23-25, 2018, Toronto, Canada Read More

2017 – Dilemmas of Democracy: Challenges to the International Order

November 1, 2019Canada-UK Colloquium, November 16-18, 2017, Surrey, UK Read More

2016 – The Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

November 21, 2017Canada-UK Colloquium, November 24-26, 2016, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Read More

2015 – SPACE: Obstacles and Opportunities

November 21, 2015The University of Strathclyde, Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow, Scotland Read More

2014 – The Challenges of Cyberspace: Living and Working in a Digital Society

November 21, 2014Canada-UK Colloquium, 24-26 November 2014, Montebello, Québec Read More

2006 – Energy Security

November 18, 2006Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada Read More

2005 – Cities and National Success

November 26, 2005Cardiff, Wales, UK Read More

2004 – Transatlantic Identity and International Action

November 21, 2004Québec City, Québec, Canada Read More

2003 – Science and Public Policy

November 23, 2003South Gloucester, UK Read More

2000 – Governing Food: Science, Safety and Trade

November 1, 2000Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Read More

1996 Transatlantic Relationships: Canada and the UK

November 1, 1996Kingston, Ontario, Canada Read More

1994 Canada and UK Relations: Shall We Dance

November 1, 1994Montebello, Québec, Canada Read More

1990 The Future of Cities in Britain and Canada

November 1, 1990Val Morin, Québec, Canada Read More