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Jessica Stanley

January 1, 1875 | By |

Research Associate, Performance Management, City Manager’s Office, City of Toronto

Year of Graduation

Prior Education
Queen’s University,¬†Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Studies

Prior Experience
Student, Ontario Regional Director General’s Office, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

MPP Summer Internship
Research Associate, City Manager’s Office, City of Toronto

What did you like best about the MPP program?

The School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG) exceeded my expectations as a graduate school. The Masters of Public Policy curriculum integrates theory with practical experience, pushing students to become well-rounded policy leaders who challenge the status quo and seek creative solutions to complex policy problems. Students are given the chance to work on timely and relevant policy issues whilst consulting leading academics and practitioners.

During my time at SPPG, I also met incredible peers (and future colleagues!). The focus on small-cohort based projects created a collaborative and positive working experience. The many alumni who remain active within the School, routinely offering help and advice to new students, are a testament to the nature of its vibrant, tight-knit community.

In addition to the people and curriculum, SPPG offers exceptional career services and opportunities for student development. Throughout the internship process and full-time job search, I felt supported by the School. By taking advantage of resume workshops, one-on-one interview prep and networking events, I was able to begin my career in my desired field. I would recommend SPPG to any prospective student of public policy. I’m very appreciative of the opportunities SPPG has provided.