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19 Dec

Linda White and Michal Perlman on the Dangerous Changes to Child-Care Rules

December 19, 2018 | By |

The Ontario government’s decision to loosen regulation over numbers and ages is of grave concern.

Linda A. White, Michal Perlman and Petr Vamuzza criticize the changes listed in Bill-66 and offer a different model for regulation in The Conversation: license all home-based child-care providers (for unrelated children).

“The purpose of child-care regulations in Ontario and elsewhere is to ensure that children are cared for in safe and healthy environments that promote their well-being and development. More regulation and support for providers is necessary to achieve this, not less.

As recent research documents, unlike licensed home child care, unlicensed providers aren’t required to pass fire inspections or health inspections. Unlicensed providers are not monitored or supported. Under the current act, regulations are enforced only as a result of specific complaints. And as recent history proves, the results can be tragic.

While the previous Liberal government was reviewing child rules leading up to the passage of the Child Care Modernization Act, four infants and toddlers died in unlicensed child care in the Greater Toronto Area over a seven-month period.”

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