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22 May

Linda White, Elizabeth Dhuey and Michal Perlman on Ontario’s Child-Care Cuts

May 22, 2019 | By |

They write about that the province’s new child-care plan will hurt low-income families in The National Post.

Despite a promise in the provincial government of a $1.7 billion investment in 2019-20 “to help families access child care and early years programs to support them while they earn a living,” the authors point out that child-care funding has been cut, particularly transfers to municipalities.

“The proposed changes will significantly weaken a system that is already struggling to help children and families who face significant challenges. Gutting the already weak support for low-income families is wrongheaded and will cause immediate and long-term harm.

In the absence of measures long recommended by child-care policy advocates (such as operating grants to centres, sliding fee scale rates tied to income and wage enhancements for providers), the subsidy system is the one plank of the system that should be expanded, not cut.”

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