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10 Apr

PPG1005H: The Social Context of Policy-Making

April 10, 2014 | By |

Course Description

This course examines the social and political context of policymaking – that is, how social and political institutions and actors shape policies, and why do policies end up looking the way they do (i.e., their intended or unintended social and political outcomes).In addition to exposing students to important theoretical and empirical debates, the course will examine contemporary issues affecting social policy. This course will cover numerous social policy domains throughout the course ranging from economic inequality, to health and disability, to immigration.

Spring (1st year)

I. Peng (Lec. 0101)
A. Perkin (Lec. 0102)
D. Pettinicchi (Lec. 0103 & 0104)

Required of all first year students. (All four sections of this course will be offered in the Spring term, and students will be graded individually by the instructors in each part of the course.)