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PPG2018H: The Role of Government

May 1, 2014 | By |

Course Description

This course explores the complexity of current government policymaking in a comparative perspective. Students will examine the rationales for and the limits to government intervention and will identify the policy levers available to government actors in a dynamic political context. The course explores the government’s role in the financing and delivery of public policy goals while balancing concerns of efficiency and equity. Students will explore substantive and procedural issues in a range of major policy areas such as trade, security, redistribution, health care, the environment, indigenous peoples issues and urban policy.

Spring (2nd year)

M. Cappe
B. Rae

This will be a joint graduate-undergraduate (PPG401H) course. As a joint graduate-undergraduate course the graduate students will be required to do some additional graded work (i.e., graduate students will required to render a more significant final paper with a substantive research component).