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PPG301H1 Introduction to Public Policy

June 2, 2014 | By |

The PPG301H1 course introduces students to the study of public policy and the policy process. The course will proceed in two parts. First, the course will explore foundational theories of policy making that seek to capture the role of political actors and organized interests, the importance of political institutions, and the influence of ideas and ideology. Part two builds on this theoretical foundation through examination of the policy cycle. It will focus on each specific “stage” of the policy process investigating how policy issues emerge, how agendas are set, how programs are designed and implemented, and outcomes evaluated.

As an introductory course, the learning objectives are:

  • To enable students to understand and utilize key terms and concepts concerning public policy;
  • To introduce students to the primary components of the public policy process;
  • To further develop students’ analytical, writing, group work, and presentation skills.

(ECO200Y1/ECO204Y1/ECO206Y1/PPG200H1), (ECO220Y1/SOC202H1/STA220H1/STA221H1/STA248H1/STA255H1/STA261H1), POL214Y1

Distribution Requirement Status
This is a Social Science course

Breadth Requirement
Society and its Institutions (3)