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01 Jan

Sarah Wilson

January 1, 1872 | By |

Consultant, Deloitte Canada, Strategy and Operations Public Sector Practice

Year of Graduation

Prior Education
Dalhousie University, Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours in Social Anthropology and English

Prior Experience

MPP Summer Internship
Junior Policy Analyst, Ontario Public Service, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Housing Division

Why did you choose the MPP program?

Coming out of my undergraduate studies, I wanted to be a social worker. The more, however, I articulated to myself and to others what I wanted to do within the field of social work – examine programs to determine how they could better do the job or serve the population or engage with the community they were meant to be doing, serving, or engaging – the more I realized I wasn’t necessarily talking about social work. The MPP program at SPPG best suited what I was seeking: classes would examine the theoretical and political context for policymaking while fostering knowledge and skills that would be directly applicable to a position or career on graduation, whether in the public, private, or non-profit sector. The internship component reinforced this impression and had a great deal to do with my decision. The opportunity to practice self-direction and to learn by doing seemed invaluable.