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Selena Zhang

January 1, 1870 | By |

Manager, Programs and Research, Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance

Year of Graduation

Prior Education
Queen’s University, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Development Studies

Prior Experience
Assistant Project Officer, Cape Town Municipal Government, Department of Economic and Human Development; Community Coordinator, Labourer-Teacher Program, Frontier College; General Director, Queen’s Health Outreach

MPP Summer Internship
Research Associate, City of Toronto, Employment and Social Services

What did you like best about the MPP program?

I loved that solution-driven learning is at the heart of the MPP experience. Over the course of two years, the school’s faculty of academics and former practitioners from the highest levels of government equipped me with the tools to look at the most intractable policy problems of the day with both theoretical and practical rigor. Unlike much of academia, where the answer to a complex research question is often that there is no answer, the MPP gave me the tools and transferable skills to design and implement appropriate, context-specific solutions, grounded in real-world constraints.