The digital transformation over the past thirty years has resulted in a new economic reality in which the basis of wealth and power is derived from the ownership of valuable intellectual property (IP), and more recently, the accumulation and control of data. IP and data are now the world’s most valuable business and national security assets.

In parallel, forward-looking governments started crafting updated economic development strategies that focused on supporting the generation, accumulation, commercialization and protection of IP.

The Expert Panel on Intellectual Property, whose members include the Munk School’s Shiri Breznitz, was created by the Government of Ontario, in Spring 2019 as part of its efforts to review, update and implement policy objectives that advance the prosperity of Ontario in the contemporary economy. The Expert Panel was asked to develop an action plan for the development of a provincial intellectual property framework that fully exploits the potential benefits of Ontario’s investments in research and development and maximizes the role that Ontario’s innovation intermediaries can play in supporting this framework.

Read the Panel’s report.

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