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Illustration of a narrow highway, flanked by hills. Highway sign on the right side reads "Exit 98: Nudgeville, 1 mile".

The Last Mile: Creating social and economic value from behavioral insights

August 7, 2015

By Dilip Soman Most organizations spend much of their effort on the start of the value creation process: namely, creating a strategy, developing new products or services, and analyzing the market. They pay a lot less attention to the end:...

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New Anthology: The Autobiographical Turn in Germanophone Documentary and Experimental Film

June 29, 2015

Read more about the new anthology co-edited by Prof. Angelica Fenner.

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Front cover of "Sterilized by the State" by Randall Hansen and Desmond King

Sterilized by the State: Eugenics, Race, and the Population Scare in 20th Century North America

April 29, 2015

This book is the first comprehensive analysis of eugenics in North America focused on the second half of the twentieth century. Based on new research, Randall Hansen and Desmond King show why eugenic sterilization policies persisted after the 1940s in the United States and Canada.

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Is Your City Healthy? Measuring Urban Fiscal Health

April 23, 2015

Edited by Richard M. Bird and Enid Slack Is Your City Healthy asks: what are the elements of fiscal health, how do we measure it, and why is it important? Eight experts in the field look at the range of...

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Book cover of Innovation in Urban Economies

Innovating in Urban Economies

July 30, 2014

ISRN Volume Series book launch on the social dynamicxs of innovation, creativity and civic governance in Canadian cities, including “Innovating in Urban Economies” edited by Professor David Wolfe.

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Historical photo of six men in Germain military attirewalking as they converse with each other.

Disobeying Hitler: German resistance after Valkyrie

July 28, 2014

By Randall Hansen On July 20, 1944, Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg was executed in the courtyard of the Third Reich’s military headquarters in Berlin for attempting to assassinate Adolf Hitler. A member of the unsuccessful plot to overthrow...

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Book cover showing university landscape transposed with water (title: The Fountain of Knowledge)

The Fountain of Knowledge: The Role of Universities in Economic Development

July 21, 2014

Today, universities around the world find themselves going beyond the traditional roles of research and teaching to drive the development of local economies through collaborations with industry. At a time when regions with universities are seeking best practices among their peers, Shiri M. Breznitz argues against the notion that one university’s successful technology transfer model can be easily transported to another.

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May 20, 2014

Historian Julie F. Gilmour traces the impact of the events surrounding the 1907 Vancouver riot on the life and work of future prime minister W.L. Mackenzie King, and on Canada’s relationships with Britain, the United States, China, Japan, and India.

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Book cover for Innovating for the Global South (artwork is an orange arrow pointing down)

Innovating for the Global South

March 19, 2014

Innovating for the Global South offers fresh solutions for reducing poverty in the developing world. Highlighting the multidisciplinary expertise of the University of Toronto’s Global Innovation Group, leading experts from the fields of engineering, medicine, management, and global public policy examine the causes and consequences of endemic poverty and the challenges of mitigating its effects from the perspective of the world’s poorest of the poor.

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Bookcover for the Third Globalization

The Third Globalization: Can Wealthy Nations Stay Rich in the Twenty-First Century?

July 15, 2013

In The Third Globalization, eminent political economists Dan Breznitz and John Zysman gather some of the discipline’s leading scholars to assess the prospects for growth and prosperity among advanced industrial nations.

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