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Ontario 360 graphic: "Protecting Canada's Plate" as the title winner

MPP Capstone winner paper published by Ontario 360

June 27, 2022

Climate change is impacting how Canada grows food. Climate change will introduce high levels of uncertainty in agriculture and impact the production of food through an increase in temperatures, fluctuation in precipitation levels, and an increased risk of extreme weather events (Mbow, Rosenzweig, et al. 2019). Canadians are already witnessing these impacts; in 2021, farmers across the country sustained millions of dollars of damage due to unprecedented droughts across the Prairies, flooding in British Columbia, and wildfires on the West Coast and across Northern Ontario (Gomez 2021; AP 2021; Lipski 2021). Government action is needed to prepare for this inevitable threat; this capstone project seeks to recommend just that. The three proposals outlined in this policy agenda – ADAPT, LEARN, and INNOVATE – present ways to tackle this challenge and build resilience to climate change in agriculture.

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Canada's Fast Track Partnership to Asia report

REPORT: Canada’s Fast Track Partnership to Asia: The Republic of Korea

May 25, 2022

Canada’s Fast Track Partnership to Asia: The Republic of Korea

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Reach Alliance case study cover

New Reach Alliance case study: Bridging the Maternal Care Gap: Mobile Antenatal Care in Rural and Indigenous Guatemalan Communities

March 8, 2022

The newest Reach Alliance case study features Munk School professor and founder of the Reach Alliance, Joe Wong, and his team of researchers. The case study highlights the barriers to maternal health in Guatemala and the Healthy Pregnancy Project (HPP)...

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MGA Student Case Study: Indonesia

January 27, 2022

This case study addresses how Indonesia, along with the fintech company Amartha, is building a more equitable economic environment by providing affordable and secure financial services for all regardless of their socio-economic status. Master of Global Affairs students on this...

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Sub Saharan Africa

MGA Student Case Study: Sub-Saharan Africa

January 27, 2022

This case study focuses on the company ARED, which operates at the intersection between deep technology and renewable energy. ARED, along with other stakeholders, have the potential to work towards eradicating poverty in African regions. This analysis is led by...

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Rice cultivation

MGA Student Case Study: How transparent, digital rice trading is strengthening livelihoods in Southeast Asia and mitigating the effects of climate change

January 27, 2022

This case study highlights the newest technology in the agricultural industry: a rice-trading platform that benefits farmers and the environment. Master of Global Affairs students involved in this case study include Desmond Barton, Anja Delaquis, Mycala Gill, Michael Kalaparambath, Oksana Nikitenko,...

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TransMileno bus

MGA Student Case Study: TransMilenio

January 27, 2022

Master of Global Affairs students Tiolúwani Aderibigbe, Larissa Chan, Samara Lewis,Tabitha Oni, and Divya Rajagopal analyze the benefits of the Latin American transportation service, TransMilenio. TransMilenio operates in Bogotá, Columbia, and provides a valuable service to many. The system’s implementation...

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MGA Student Case Study: Making the Case: Konfio

January 27, 2022

Researchers on the Kofino case study include Master of Global Affairs students Yazen Abed, Renae Appadurai, Ishraq Fazal, Reeba Khan, Sariel Lei, and Melanie Sarmiento. Mexico’s wealth gap is particularly large, creating income inequality and difficulties for getting approved for...

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Oil protest

Teresa Kramarz and Munk One / PCJ / Reach students collaborate on book chapter for Palgrave — Community Vulnerability to Extractive Industry Disasters

January 27, 2022

Teresa Kramarz and Munk School students, Atharv Agrawal, Jonathan Banfield, Suehyun Cho, and Eric Zhao, collaborated on a book chapter for Palgrave published on December 30, 2021. Community Vulnerability to Extractive Industry Disasters discusses the importance of understanding the factors...

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Reach Alliance Syrian refugees

Reach Alliance in Stanford Social Innovation Review: How to Deliver Cash Transfer Programs More Effectively to Hard-to-Reach Populations

August 12, 2021

  Cash transfer programs often struggle to reach those most in need. In this investigation of four programs across Brazil, Ethiopia, Jordan, and Palestine, Reach Alliance researchers Marin MacLeod, Sydney Piggott, Joudy Sarraj & Nicoli Dos Santos Stiller explore five features that lead to...

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