Over 1 Million Users Inside Iran Visit Rouhani Meter During First 100 Days of President’s Term

Rouhani Meter was created to monitor Iran’s President’s fulfillment of his promises during the election campaign. Below is a short summary with details on the progress made during President Rouhani’s first 100 days in office. ASL19 researchers are preparing a full report to follow shortly.

On August 3rd, 2013, the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto set out to measure the performance of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani by monitoring the status of promises made during his campaign. As of November 12, 2013, 100 days since the beginning of his term, experts and researchers from ASL19 have collected data from media outlets, government releases, government proceedings, social media posts, and community contributions from Iranians inside the country. In that time over 1 million users have visited RouahniMeter.com from inside Iran. In addition, Rouhani Meter has connected a community of Iranians through social media – totalling over 18 thousand on Facebook, and 1000 on Twitter. The Meter was created to assess promises President Rouhani made during his election campaign and his progress in fulfilling these promises.

To date, of 46 promises, the Rouhani Meter finds:

Promises Achieved: 4

Promises In Progress: 15

Promises Not Achieved: 2

Promises Not in Progress: 25

On the economy, Rouhani Meter researchers have seen progress on 8 out of 14 campaign promises, with one promise achieved. In foreign policy, progress has been made on three of the four promises. On matters relating to domestic policy, there has been progress on 5 of a total 13 promises have been marked as in progress. The majority of promises achieved or not achieved have been in the socio-cultural category: 3 achieved promises, 2 not achieved, 1 in progress, 8 not in progress.

 Achieved Promises

  • Ending the expulsion of politically active university students (“starring”)
  • Reinstating university professors and administrators dismissed or forced into retirement for their political views.
  • Reopening Iran’s House of Cinema (Khaneh Cinema)
  • The continuation of Iran’s subsidy program without reducing the amounts currently being paid out

 Not Achieved

  • Ease Iran’s monitoring phase prior to publishing
  • Establishing a Ministry of Women

The Rouhani Meter research team believes it is important to recognize that there are limitations to what can be accomplished within 100 days. There are also competing definitions on when the official 100 days begins and ends. For this reason, the Rouhani Meter begins on the day that President Rouhani was officially been inaugurated as President.

Prior to his election, President Rouhani publicly declared that his Presidency would deliver solutions for the country’s domestic and international problems within the first 100 days. President Rouhani recently declared that his government would provide their own overview  of the first 100 days starting from the first day his cabinet began work (August 17th). This puts President Rouhani’s own 100 day review 15 days after Rouhani Meter’s 100 days calculation. If there are any significant changes to the status of promises on the Meter by this date, the Rouhani Meter team will add a supplementary note to the final report.


Due to the high level of interest, and enthusiasm from the Rouhani Meter community, the Munk School and ASL19 have decided to extend the Rouhani Meter beyond the initial findings from the first 100 days. RouhaniMeter.com will continue monitoring the state of promises over the first 365 days of President Rouhani’s term in office (one complete year). A full report will follow this statement shortly with in depth analysis on the Rouhani Meter’s results at 100 days.

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