The COVID Comparative Project at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy features 16 country case studies conducted by University of Toronto undergraduate students (including students from our Munk One program), under the supervision of Professor Joseph Wong.


Preparing for the next pandemic...that is already here. (An introduction to the COVID Comparative Project by Joseph Wong)
German Pandemic Efficiency: Fiscal Capacity, Logistical Coordination, and Infrastructure by Zoë Johnson
Contradictory Messaging and Uncoordinated Response has Skyrocketed COVID-19 Cases in Brazil by Purushoth Thavendran
COVID-19 Federalism: Disparate Government Responses in Canada by Marium Nur Vahed
Overcompensation or Necessary Precaution? Tracing China’s Response to COVID-19 by Hui Wen Zheng
India in the Pandemic: Successful States vs Flailing Central Government by Aryan Dhar
Ghana: Testing Innovations Against Economic Limitations by Andrew Yin
Amidst Political and Economic Turmoil, Iran’s COVID-19 Response Signals the Dangers of Deprioritizing Public Health by Hui Wen Zheng
Israel’s Response to COVID-19: Pitfalls of a Political Pandemic by Astrid Ling
Just One Step Behind: Analyzing the Italian Government’s Response to COVID-1by Martina Facchin
Setting the precedent in unprecedented times: The “Taiwan model” for combatting COVID-19 by Elizabeth Shaw
Pandemic in the Land of a Thousand Hills: Rwanda and COVID-19 by Cheikh Ameth Tidiane Diop
Efficiency and its Limits – Singapore’s Covid-19 Response by Katie Kwang
From MERS to COVID-19: The South Korean Journey by Emma Rogers
Abandoning the Vulnerable: Unequal Impacts of Sweden’s COVID-19 Response by Abhayjeet Singh Sachal
No Country Is an Island, but the UK Insists Otherwise by Naomi Butterfield
A Political Pandemic: Partisanship and Chaos in the American COVID-19 Response by Liam Keating