To the Trudeau Centre Community:

Further to the statements released by Michael Sabia, Director of the Munk School, and Meric Gertler, President of U of T, we at the Trudeau Centre unequivocally echo the condemnation of anti-Black racism and discrimination. We also condemn the systemic racism that is a lived reality for Indigenous peoples and people of colour in Canada and other countries.

At the Trudeau Centre, we challenge our students to tackle questions concerning the meanings of peace, conflict, and justice. As we mourn the death of George Floyd and countless others, we must acknowledge that racial inequality and systemic racism in all of its forms is an obstacle to societal peace and justice. In fact, they violate the very principles on which our program rests.

Although many of these injustices have come to light in the past few weeks, they are rooted in centuries of oppression and inequality. We commit that we will actively work to dismantle such oppression through meaningful collaboration with racialized members of our community. Without justice, there is no peace.

Our student union, the Peace, Conflict & Justice Society (PCJS) has created an anonymous form in an effort to better understand the realities faced by our BIPOC community and how we can work alongside you to eradicate such prejudices. This form also serves as a way to gather feedback and questions from all of our community members so that the Trudeau Centre can spark a dialogue on these issues and better operate as an ally in this movement.

We will also continue to provide and expand relevant opportunities for education for our students, such as through Indigenous Cultural Competency Training through the Office of Indigenous Initiatives.

To discuss these issues with our students and faculty, we are holding a Town Hall with Professor Paola Salardi, Director of the Trudeau Centre; Jona Malile, Program & Events Coordinator; and the PCJS.

In solidarity,

The Trudeau Centre for Peace, Conflict and Justice

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