Yana Sadeghi is a student from Victoria College, double majoring in Peace, Conflict and Justice and International Relations, and minoring in Russian Language and Culture. Yana has a passion for truth and justice, and is excited to meet, work with, and learn from the students in her cohort.

Yana chose PCJ because it goes beyond the traditional teaching of social sciences by working towards creating tangible change. She values the interdisciplinary nature of the program, as it allows her to explore different global issues  through the lens of different disciplines.

Currently, Yana is a columnist at The Varsity, the University’s trip-campus newspaper, and a member of the Model Economic Forum. In the future, Yana hopes to pursue a career in law or academia, above all advocating for marginalized communities.  She was drawn to these fields because of their focus on truth and justice.

A fun fact about Yana is that she is half-Russian and half-Iranian!

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