Shauna McLean is a member of the 2020-21 PCJ cohort, which she balances alongside a  minor in Near&  Middle Eastern Civilizations. She is looking forward to being involved with PCJ student life, from getting to know her classmates, to attending PCJ events.

Shauna chose her programs of study because she wanted the greatest scope of training in order to become a proper advocate for better governance. She chose Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations because she is particularly interested in Middle Eastern governance. This also  influenced her decision to minor in Arabic.

Shauna very much enjoyed her first PCJ  class, PCJ260Y1: Introduction to Peace and Conflict,  with Professor Nancy  Bertoldi on Tuesday. After meeting her cohort (online), she is excited to work with and get to know everyone throughout this coming year. She is also looking forward to attending PCJ events, such as the upcoming Indigenous Cultural Competency Workshop in October.

Shauna is most excited to examine the role of justice in the relationship between peace and conflict, namely how peace without justice is a common cause of conflict throughout history.

After graduating PCJ, Shauna intends to attend graduate or law school. She also wants to spend time living abroad with the hope of achieving fluency in Arabic.

A fun fact about Shauna is that she owns four separate coffee makers.