Sarai Rudder is a Trinity College student pursuing a double major in Peace, Conflict and Justice and Ethics, Society and Law. She is excited to use the opportunities offered by PCJ to blaze her own unique path.

When Sarai first looked into PCJ, she was intrigued by the program’s interdisciplinary nature; she wanted a program of study that covered global issues and sociological studies. She also chose to study Ethics, Society, and Law due in part to its philosophical aspect, and because she intends to study human rights law in the future. She believed that together, both programs would be an especially valuable segue into the field.

Sarai is thoroughly enjoying her first few PCJ courses. She has found the readings in PCJ260Y1 to be extremely insightful, and some of the issues the class has already read about are things that she was already very interested in. Moreover, Sarai has already learned so much from the class discussions she has had with her peers. She is looking forward to the rest of the year in the course, getting to know her peers and professors, and continuing to learn from them.

Sarai’s biggest takeaway from her first year of university was that every individual has a unique path. In a school where both the academic and extra-curricular opportunities are innumerable, life can easily become confusing. However, she believes that if one stays true to their passions, they will find the path that was meant for them. Sarai applies this knowledge to the PCJ program because there is so much that it has to offer to students. In order to make the most of the program, Sarai  believes that being true to her academic passions and finding them within PCJ’s opportunities is how she will carve out her own unique path.

This year, Sarai is a member of a new club called “Ensemble.” The goal of the club is to promote gender equality, with a focus on the collaboration of all genders to achieve this outcome. Likewise, her main research interests are racial inequities and conflicts, and women and children’s opportunities globally.

A fun fact about Sarai is she is the only girl amongst four brothers in her family.