Welcome back, PCJ!

With the start of the new school year comes preparations for new courses, introductions to new professors, and a return to the textbook. Personally, as a second-year student, this year also marks the start of my studies in the Peace, Conflict & Justice Studies program.

I am extremely excited to be studying in the program and look forward to sharing my experiences with you through this student blog. Originally from Saskatchewan, I am a first-generation university student and proud Munk One alumnus. In addition to a Major in Peace, Conflict & Justice Studies, I am pursuing a Major in Chemistry and a Minor in French as a Second Language. If I am not studying at the library, you’ll likely find me shopping St. Lawrence Market, enjoying a TSO concert, or volunteering with a student group.

PCJ is an incredibly unique program with its interdisciplinary approach to such wide-ranging topics of study. Within the context of coming to understand the meaning and vast implications or peace, conflict and justice, we explore some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges from the role of international actors to the lived experiences of individuals, both near and far. This program is one of the main reasons why I chose U of T. Furthermore, as students, we have so much freedom in choosing courses to tailor the program specifically to our passions and interests. There is no fixed timetable, but rather, opportunities to explore different perspectives and take a diverse array of courses.

However, when studying PCJ, the opportunities extend far beyond the classroom. Each year, the Munk School of Global Affairs hosts hundreds of events and welcomes speakers from around the world. From conversations about women’s economic empowerment in Pakistan to lectures on Israel’s population challenge and Japan’s innovation strategy, you are bound to find an event of interest to you. Last year, I attended Munk School events discussing everything from rising populism to cybersecurity to Canadian electoral reform. U of T brings the global community to the heart of downtown Toronto, and as students, we have the incredible opportunity to explore it.

So, as we begin another school year, let’s make a renewed commitment to take advantage of all the incredible opportunities available to us. University life is hectic, but it does not last forever. We should make the most out of our time studying in this incredible program. Attending events can reinforce concepts discussed in the classroom and introduce us to challenges we never considered before. More than just study the issues, let’s join the global conversation.


You can view and register for events sponsored by the Munk School of Global Affairs here.