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The Voyage - photo by Betty XieCentres at the Asian Institute

We are composed of several focused yet interconnected centres, which host – individually and collaboratively – over 100 academic events each year. These centres support the deep, specialized knowledge about particular regions that is necessary to understand the complexities of local issues, while working together to foster transnational and interdisciplinary conversations that transcend and contextualize local viewpoints.

Centre for South Asian Studies
Centre for the Study of Korea
Centre for Southeast Asian Studies
Dr. David Chu Program in Asia-Pacific Studies

historical photo from ROM South Asia collection


CSAS fosters academic research, teaching and public discussion on South Asia in an effort to address global questions. The Centre is a key international hub for critical conversations across the humanities and social sciences on South Asian worlds, both inside and outside the subcontinent.

Centre for the Study of Korea


The Centre for the Study of Korea promotes critical approaches to the research of Korea. It aims to develop pedagogical materials for teaching about Korea both in the university and to the public.  The Centre also has a constantly evolving line-up of speakers from North America, Asia, and Europe featured in lectures and events throughout the academic year.

David Chu Program Splash Image


The Dr. David Chu Program is a place where the study and learning of this important region of the world takes place. The goal of the Program is to work cooperatively, both inside and outside the University, to gain new perspectives in the study of the Asia Pacific.

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Asian Institute students ICM programs AT THE ASIAN INSTITUTE

Our undergraduate and graduate teaching programs further our unique approach, balancing regional specialization with pan-Asian and global conversations, and providing a vast array of experiential learning opportunities, both at home and in Asia.

Contemporary Asian Studies students


The Dr. David Chu Program in Contemporary Asian Studies prepares undergraduate major and minor students to comprehend Asia’s roles in new global dynamics, providing a lens through which to examine the links between Asia’s history, its increasing influence in world affairs, and the challenges and opportunities arising in this time of rapid transformation.

south asian studies

COLLABORATIVE Master’s and Doctoral Program in SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES

The Collaborative Master’s and Doctoral Program in South Asian Studies is designed to give students an interdisciplinary overview for the critical study of South Asia as a field of expertise and as a lens through which to read a wide range of global processes.

Taiwan electronics- photo by Weronika Czapla

Collaborative master’s program in asia-pacific studies

The interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies is designed for students wishing to pursue professional careers that will require them to understand this vibrant and sometimes tumultuous part of the world.

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