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Mark Manger

Associate Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs




Room 210, 315 Bloor Street West Toronto, Ontario, M5S 0A7



Mark S. Manger (PhD UBC) is an Associate Professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs specializing in Political Economy. His prior appointments were Lecturer for International Political Economy at the London School of Economics, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at McGill, and Advanced Research Fellow in the Program on US-Japan Relations at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. His research focuses on the political economy of trade and macroeconomics and the Asia Pacific region.

Research Interests

International political economy
Political economy of the Asia Pacific, especially Japan
Quantitative social network analysis; trade, investment and macroeconomic policy


Ph.D. – Political Science, University of British Columbia (2005)

M.Sc. – Political Science, Second Major Japanese Studies, University of Hamburg (1999)

Selected Publications

Manger, Mark S., and Kenneth C. Shadlen. 2014. “Political Trade Dependence and North-South Trade Agreements.” International Studies Quarterly 58(1): 79–91.

Manger, Mark S. 2014. “The Economic Logic of Asian PTAs: The Role of Intra-Industry Trade.” Journal of East Asian Studies 14(2): 151–84.

Manger, Mark S., Mark A. Pickup, and Tom A. B. Snijders. 2012. “A Hierarchy of Preferences: A Longitudinal Network Analysis Approach to PTA Formation.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 56(5): 852–78.

Manger, Mark S. 2012. “Vertical Trade Specialization and the Formation of North-South PTAs.” World Politics 64(4): 622–58.

Manger, Mark S. 2009. Investing in Protection: The Politics of Preferential Trade Agreements between North and South. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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