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'There can be no freedom unless there's a power to deny freedom': meet early American historian Max Mishler

Max Mishler, featured in U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science news, “believes everyone, incarcerated or not, deserves access to higher education.” Mishler joined the Faculty of Arts & Science earlier this fall as Assistant Professor after teaching at American universities like NYU, Columbia, and Boston’s Brandeis. “But it was his time working with inmates at the Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island – a jail that houses juvenile women awaiting trial or serving short sentences, think three years or less – as part of Columbia University’s Justice-in-Education Initiative that he cites as one of the most important things he’s done over the past few years.”

Prof Mishler teaches the course Mass Incarceration in the US  for CSUS’s American Studies program and the Department of History.This course considers the rise of contemporary mass incarceration from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws upon history, sociology, and legal scholarship. For more information about the course, click on the undergraduate program tab above.