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Janice Stein chairs international jury for the 29th Annual Lionel Gelber Prize

In announcing the jurors for the 2019 Lionel Gelber Prize, Patricia Rubin, Chair of the Lionel Gelber Prize and The Lionel Gelber Foundation said: "Created in memory of the Canadian scholar, diplomat and author Lionel Gelber, we are gratified that the Prize attracts such distinguished jurors, year after year.”

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How It Happened: Documenting the Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry

By Ernő Munkácsi A gripping first-hand account of the devastating "last chapter" of the Holocaust, written by a privileged eyewitness, the secretary of the Hungarian Judenrat, and a member of Budapest's Jewish elite, How It Happened is a unique testament to the senseless brutality that, in a matter of months, decimated what was Europe’s largest and last-surviving Jewish community. Writing immediately after the war and examining only those critical months of 1944 when Hitler's Germany occupied its ally Hungary, Erno Munkácsi describes the Judenrat's desperation and fear as it attempted to prevent the looming catastrophe, agonized over decisions not made, and struggled...

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