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Adam Tooze wins 2019 Lionel Gelber Prize

Patricia Rubin, chair of the Lionel Gelber Prize Board has announced that the winner of the 29th annual Lionel Gelber Prize for the best book written in English on Foreign Affairs is Adam Tooze for his book Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World.

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Cross-Domain Deterrence

Edited by Erik Garzke and Jon R. Lindsay "These strong essays show that cyber, conventional weapons, and diplomacy can be employed in complex mixes. This deeper understanding of how things are likely to unfold should inform scholars, policy-makers, and anyone interested in these fascinating issues of increasing importance." --Robert Jervis, author of How Statesmen Think The complexity of the twenty-first century threat landscape contrasts markedly with the bilateral nuclear bargaining context envisioned by classical deterrence theory. Nuclear and conventional arsenals continue to develop alongside anti-satellite programs, autonomous robotics or drones, cyber operations, biotechnology, and other innovations barely imagined in the early nuclear age....

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