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Global Economic Policy Lab

Welcome to the Global Economic Policy Lab

The Global Economic Policy Lab (GEPL) is based at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy at the University of Toronto. We examine developments in international trade, monetary and financial relations to understand how politics and markets interact and provide timely insights into economic policy options for decision-makers in the public and private sector.

Our approach recognizes that in today’s globalized economy, politics and economics are no longer separate spheres. Political risk and uncertainty affect markets, and market forces buffet developed and developing countries alike. At the same time, the recent crises in the global economy call into question key tenets of macroeconomic analysis. Our research engages with these issues from a variety of perspectives.

We take both a short and a long view: we follow current developments and provide timely updates and analysis, while also tackling longer-term questions of demographics, debt and growth. In addition to our reports, we also offer bespoke research on request.