Munk School Fellows

Fellows are an integral part of the Munk School. They are experts in their fields, with deep knowledge of global affairs and public policy. Through their knowledge and insights, our fellows offer important opportunities for and expertise to our students and faculty.

Ernest Addison, Distinguished Fellow
Kofi Adjepong-Boateng, Distinguished Fellow
Sachin Aggarwal, Senior Fellow
Jon Allen, Senior Fellow
Helen Angus, Distinguished Fellow
Robert Asselin, Senior Fellow
Thomas Axworthy, Distinguished Fellow
Yaprak Baltacioglu, Distinguished Fellow
Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Distinguished Fellow
Julia Bentley, Senior Fellow
Alan Bernstein, Distinguished Fellow
Catherine Bragg, Senior Fellow
Cal Bricker, Senior Fellow
Darrell Bricker, Senior Fellow
Pamela Bryant, Senior Fellow
Paul Cadario, Distinguished Fellow
The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Distinguished Fellow
Mel Cappe, Distinguished Fellow
Connie Carter, Senior Fellow
Veronica Chau, Senior Fellow
Carmen Cheung, Senior Fellow
Christopher Clark, Distinguished Fellow
Ian Clark, Distinguished Fellow
The Right Honourable Joe Clark, Distinguished Fellow
Martin Regg Cohn, Senior Fellow
Andrew Coyne, Senior Fellow
Donna Dasko, Distinguished Fellow
Tony Dean, Distinguished Fellow
Anamitra Deb, Senior Fellow
Rust M. Deming, Senior Fellow
Bobby Duffy, Senior Fellow
Mike Durland, Distinguished Fellow
Mark Entwistle, Senior Fellow
Robert Falkner, Distinguished Fellow
Todd Foglesong, Fellow-in-Residence
Rob Fonberg, Distinguished Fellow
Arturo Franco, Senior Fellow
Timothy Garton Ash, Distinguished Fellow
Julie Gelfand, Distinguished Fellow
Scott Gilmore, Senior Fellow
Danielle Goldfarb, Senior Fellow
Ed Greenspon, Distinguished Fellow
Rudyard Griffiths, Senior Fellow
Jonathan Hausman, Senior Fellow
George Haynal, Senior Fellow
Kofi Hope, Senior Fellow
Deanna Horton, Distinguished Fellow
Brett House, Senior Fellow
Bill Hutchison, Distinguished Fellow
Michael Ignatieff, Distinguished Fellow
Templar Kalundu Iga, Senior Fellow

Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Distinguished Fellow
John Kelleher, Senior Fellow
Thomas E. Kierans, Distinguished Fellow
Desmond King, Distinguished Fellow
Farhaan Ladhani, Senior Fellow
Arif Lalani, Distinguished Fellow
Michèle Lamont, Distinguished Fellow
Amanda Lang, Senior Fellow
Joseph Lavoie, Senior Fellow
Megan Leslie, Senior Fellow
Brian Lewis, Senior Fellow
Cheng Li, Distinguished Fellow
Margaret MacMillan, Distinguished Fellow
Akaash Maharaj, Senior Fellow
Peter Mansbridge, Distinguished Fellow
Scott McDonald, Senior Fellow
Dalton McGuinty, Distinguished Fellow
Rhonda McMichael, Senior Fellow
Tyler Meredith, Senior Fellow
Graeme Moffatt, Senior Fellow
Bill Morneau, Distinguished Fellow
Daniel Munro, Senior Fellow
Steve Orsini, Distinguished Fellow
Sevaun Palvetzian, Senior Fellow
Jing Qian, Senior Fellow
The Hon. Bob Rae, Distinguished Fellow
Shalini Randeria, Distinguished Fellow
Jeremy Roberts, Senior Fellow
Carole Saab, Senior Fellow
Michael Sabia, Distinguished Fellow
Rana Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow
Jill SinclairSenior Fellow
Sean Speer, Senior Fellow
John Stackhouse, Senior Fellow
Sam Tanenhaus, Distinguished Fellow
William Thorsell, Distinguished Fellow
David Ticoll, Distinguished Fellow
Stephen Toope, Distinguished Fellow
Matthew Torigian, Distinguished Fellow
Chief Justice Michael H. Tulloch, Distinguished Fellow
Carolyn Tuohy, Distinguished Fellow
Michael Valpy, Senior Fellow
George Vegh, Senior Fellow
Rumina Velshi, Distinguished Fellow
Peter Wallace, Senior Fellow
Peter Warrian, Distinguished Fellow
Paul Wells, Journalist Fellow-in-Residence
Marva Wisdom, Senior Fellow
Leslie Woo, Senior Fellow
Alexander Wood, Senior Fellow
Jun Yuan, Senior Fellow

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