Nachman Ben-Yehuda

Distinguished Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Nachman Ben-Yehuda


Main bio

Nachman Ben-Yehuda is a professor and former dean of the department of sociology and anthropology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Since 1978, Nachman is a member of faculty of sociology in Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also worked as a visiting professor at State University of New York at Stony Brook, University of Toronto and London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Nachman served as an international member of board of advisers in U.S. National Council of Drug Abuse in 1976-1980, and was a director of Drug Abuse Unit at Israeli Interministerial and Interinstitutional Committee on Drug Abuse. 

After that, Ben-Yehuda served as a member of Interministerial Committee on Cults in Israel at Israeli Ministry of Education in 1982-1985. He was also a member of National Committee on Police Violence and National Committee on Reforms in the Government Civil Service. Ben-Yehuda is famous for his books Deviance and Moral Boundaries: Witchcraft, the Occult, Deviant Sciences and Scientists, The Politics and Morality of Deviance: Moral Panics, Drug Abuse, Deviant Science, and Reversed Stigmatization, Political Assassinations by Jews: A Rhetorical Device for Justice and The Masada Myth: Collective Memory and Mythmaking in Israel.

Updated July 2023