South Asian Studies minor

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Study South Asia through an approach attentive to global formations. Gain an introduction to the study of the region—Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka—through a wide angle view of Asian modernities, political economies, and cultures, complemented by specialist close-ups of the region. With open access to comparative courses in the Contemporary Asian Studies program, you can learn from specialists of South, East, and Southeast Asia.

Through a curriculum motivated by the moving present—the changing face of South Asia today—the South Asian Studies minor offers rigorous training in major debates and questions in the field, and provides a basic foundation for many directions of future study. From historical contexts of ethnic conflict, to postcolonial readings of ancient traditions, to the politics of religious and ethnic identities, to the workings of vast-scale democracy and capitalism, to the worlds of cinema and public culture, you'll be introduced to the dynamic landscapes—political, material, and mythic—that constitute South Asia today.

About the program

Program requirements

The South Asian Studies offers Minor (4.0 Full Course Equivalents [FCEs]) programA number of courses on South Asia offered by other departments may be taken by SAS students and counted towards their program requirements. The courses that can be counted are listed in the Academic Calendar for program requirements.

How to apply

South Asian Studies program is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Undergraduate courses

Course Nomenclature:

  • H indicates a half credit course
  • F indicates a half year course in the first term (Sept – Dec)
  • S indicates a half year course in the second term (Jan – Apr)
  • Y indicates a full year course (Sept – Apr)
  • M, T, W, R, F = days of the week

2023-24 Course Offerings

Fall term courses

Please visit the Timetable Builder for course descriptions.

  • SAS114H-F: Introduction to South Asian Studies (Labiba Naeem)
Awards and student opportunities
  • The Quaid-I-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah Award recognizes full-time undergraduate students, who achieves highest standing in a course or program with substantial content relate to history or culture of Pakistan, South Asian Islam or Urdu Studies (SAS114H1, SAS318H1). This is an automatic in-course scholarship, students do not apply for this scholarship.
  • The Richard Charles Lee Insights through Asia Challenge awards funding for students to participate in faculty-led research projects.
  • Dr. David Chu Scholarships in Asia-Pacific Studies award undergraduate and graduate students with funding to travel to the Asia-Pacific region (East and Southeast Asia) for study and research purposes.
  • The Joseph Wong Student Experience Fund provides undergraduate students with financial assistance for learning experiences, such as studying an Asian language abroad, undertaking field research or special projects, or participating in an international field school.

Meet your professors

Francis Cody

Francis Cody, Director, Centre for South Asian Studies

  • Core Faculty
  • CAS201H1: Global Asian Studies: Insights and Concepts
Professional headshot of Christoph Emmrich
  • Appointed Faculty
  • CAS414H1: The Public Event in Asia
A light blue Person icon on a dark blue background

Labiba Naeem, Asian Institute

  • Course Instructor
  • SAS114H1F: Introduction to South Asian Studies
Bharat Punjabi

Bharat Punjabi, Asian Institute

  • Sessional Lecturer
  • SAS318H1: Colonialism and Tradition
  • CAS370H1: Asian Cities
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Program Advisor & Communications Officer, Asian Institute