The Asian Institute – Canada’s largest research and teaching institute dedicated to the study of Asia – features over 100 affiliated scholars in the humanities and social sciences working closely with fellow scholars, students, and community members to shed new light on Asian cultures, politics, economics, and histories in an effort to better understand the complex forces shaping societies in a new era of globalization.  

The opportunity

Just as Asia’s growing international influence is dramatically transforming global affairs in the 21st century, the Asian Institute is transforming our understanding of this dynamic region. Whether we are discussing economic development, peace and conflict, the activities of multi-national corporations, religious tolerance, the wellbeing of children, or the distribution of power within and among nations, Canadians today need comparative knowledge of Asian cultures, politics, economies, and histories, fluency in the languages, and a proper understanding of the complex forces shaping local, intra-regional, and transnational societies.

With your support for academic programming, special events, and research, the Asian Institute will provide the intellectual core for cutting-edge interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and dialogue on Asia. Most importantly, the Asian Institute is preparing Canada’s next generation of global leaders, all of whom will be equipped to positively engage with a dynamic Asia.

The need

  • To offer financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students for experiential learning opportunities, such as travelling to Asia to study the region’s new dynamics through unpaid internships, volunteer work, and special research projects.
  • To expand and strengthen our innovative undergraduate and graduate programs, through supporting our world-class academics and hiring new “rising star” faculty.
  • To strengthen our core infrastructure so that we can continue to reach ever-wider audiences with our academic and community events and support new innovative and interdisciplinary research initiatives.

Donations to the Asian Institute Trust and the Students’ Experiential Learning Fund are needed and appreciated.

The impact

Your gift will support the growth of one of North America’s foremost Asian research and teaching institutes. We will foster ground-breaking research and teaching on Asia, prepare our students to succeed in a dynamic and changing world, and continue to promote and expand the global dialogue on Asia in Toronto, Canada, and worldwide.

Every gift at every level can make a big difference to our programming and research at the Asian Institute. Thank you for your commitment and support!

To make a donation


Cheques payable to the University of Toronto. Please include Asian Institute in the memo line. c/o Monica Hahm, Associate Director of Development, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, 1 Devonshire Place, Room 372S, Toronto, ON M5S 3K7

For more information on supporting the Asian Institute, please contact Monica Hahm, Associate Director of Development, Munk School of Global Affairs at 416-946-7149 or