(In)transit by Ran Deng
Dr. David Chu Program in Asia-Pacific Studies
May 6, 2024
Purple background with "ITAC" spelled out in colourful photos from previous student projects. "Richard Charles Lee Insights through Asia Challenge" is written in white text. To the right, "FUNDED Student Research + Travel Opportunities" is written in white text. The Asian Institute logo appears in the bottom left corner.
Richard Charles Lee Asian Pathways Research Lab
January 31, 2024
A road with blurred sidewalks and buildings
Asian Institute
September 8, 2023
A Hong Kong street scene in the evening, with red lanterns, tall buildings in the background, and blurry lights from double exposure.
Dr. David Chu Program in Asia-Pacific Studies
June 9, 2023
painting of colourful arms holding up flowers in their fists, with black background
Asian Institute
April 25, 2023
Artwork from the South Asia collection of the ROM, depicting Hindu gods.
Centre for South Asian Studies
March 24, 2023
knotted silk scarves hang from the branches of a tree with no leaves.
Asian Institute
February 27, 2023
Image with dark purple background. Text reads: "ITAC & Exploring Global Taiwan" "*Funded* Student Research + Travel Opportunities" above the Asian Institute logo. The text "ITAC" and "Taiwan" is spelled out in photos of past program participants.
Asian Institute
February 1, 2023