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CESEAS Students Interview: Meet Our Students and Learn About Their Research

Asian Institute: Meet our CESEAS students...

Xerdon Catamora: Hi, I'm Xerdan Catamora and I'm a Master's student at Political Science Department.

Ingrid: Hi, My name is Ingrid and I'm a Master's student in CESEAS and my home department is in Geography and Planning as a Human Geography student.

Wu Yang: Hi, my name is Wu Yang and I'm a first year Master of Global Affairs student at the University of Toronto. And I'm also a student in the CESEAS program.

Asian Institute: Tell us a bit more about your research interests!

Xerdon Catamora: So my research interest includes international relations and comparative politics. Currently, I'm working on research that explores the political dynamics and relationships between states in East and Southeast Asia.

Ingrid: My research focuses on how the K-pop and J-pop industries create local and global linkages for innovation and economic development. I have broader research interests in the creative and cultural industries, public opinion, and Canada-Asia relations.

Wu Yang: My research interests lie in the intersection between foreign policy and political philosophy. Primarily because I'm really interested in what people think, why they think those things, and how it motivates their actions. Thus, I'm really focused on things like theory and ideology and so on, which I think are really under-analysed nowadays.