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CESEAS Students Interview: What's Your Favourite Thing About ASI1000Y?

Asian Institute: What's your favourite thing about ASI1000?

Ingrid: It's difficult just to pick one favorite thing, but I'm so lucky to have a wonderful group of peers who come from such different academic, cultural, and professional backgrounds. I think the topics covered in class too are those I would have never thought I could study because they're so distant from my expertise. And this diversity in intellectual approaches and perspectives really push the boundaries of how I think in my own field, and I quite appreciate that.

Xerdon Catamora: Okay, so what I really like about this class is that, aside from the fact that we have classmates with different backgrounds and stuff like that, we have these guest speakers and you can listen to them and you can engage with them. And guess what? These guest speakers are brilliant scholars from different universities in other countries and think tank from influential institutions.

Wu Yang: What I really like about this course is being able to write about what I like. Last semester, I got to write a paper on shifting historiographies and Singapore's nation building project, and this semester, I got to compare the dynamics between China's Cultural Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

Special shout out to our professors, Jacques Bertrand and Wu Yiching, for giving us such a lively atmosphere in class and providing us with a wonderful year.