Centre for the Study of Korea

Korea and its connections to the Asia-Pacific region, North America, and the world

A view of the gateway to Ehwa Women's University, Seoul. A wide paved path flanked by multi-storey vertical glass walls of the adjacent buildings.
Photo: Chen Ling Shi

Welcome to the Centre for the Study of Korea

The Centre for the Study of Korea (CSK) brings together faculty, students, and the broader public to learn about Korea and its connections to the Asia-Pacific region, North America, and the world. Our faculty affiliates across the humanities and social sciences at the University of Toronto make up a vibrant intellectual community of dialogue and collaboration. The CSK is committed to research excellence, the university’s teaching mission, and community engagement.

Public lecture series

Our series attracts internationally known scholars from across North America and East Asia. We organize academic conferences and workshops that promote collaborative research and interdisciplinary exchange. Our public symposia stimulate debate and critical conversations on some of the most pressing issues facing Korea and the world today. Explore our upcoming and past events at the links below.

Student initiatives


CSK sponsors initiatives that enable students to pursue enhanced learning and leadership opportunities in Korean studies. Since 2007 we have held an annual Korean language speech contest that draws contestants from across Canada and North America to compete at all language levels. We support international course modules to Korea and East Asia and undergraduate and graduate student-organized conferences.

Our faculty affiliates teach undergraduate and graduate courses that focus on Korea or Korea-related content across a wide range of disciplines, including Anthropology, East Asian Studies, Ethnomusicology, History, Linguistics, Media Studies, Political Science, and Sociology.

The Centre for the Study of Korea supports a wide variety of activities at the University of Toronto to connect students with Korea and the field of Korean studies.

Undergraduate programs

The CSK does not itself offer any teaching programs but supports courses on Korea throughout the Faculty of Arts and Science. Please see the Asian Institute’s Contemporary Asian Studies Program, the Department of East Asian Studies website, and the Arts & Science calendar (courses on Korea) for further information.

Graduate studies on Korea

The University of Toronto is an exciting place to pursue the study of the history, culture, and society of Korea within the wider contexts of global modernity, the neoliberal order and critical theory. You may wish to start your search for a graduate program by reviewing our affiliated faculty listing for a potential supervisor. Faculty members supervise graduate students through degree programs in their home department. If you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree, you can also apply for the Collaborative Master’s Specialization in Contemporary East and Southeast Asian Studies offered by the Asian Institute.

Korean language courses

The Department of East Asian Studies sponsors several courses in Korean Language, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Visit the EAS website for more information about Korean language courses.


Visit the University of Toronto Learning Abroad website to learn about exchange programs offered at partner institutions in Korea.

Scholarships & awards
  • The CSK offers four different award opportunities for graduate students working on research projects in Korean studies, supporting conference travel, research travel, publication, and dissertation writing. Please visit the Asian Institute's Current Opportunities page for details and information on how to apply. The awards are posted in the spring each year.
  • The CSK promotes four scholarships generously offered by the Korea-Canada Scholarship Association.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Toronto can also apply for Dr. David Chu Research Scholarships in Asia-Pacific Studies to conduct research on Korea.
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