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CAS Course Highlights: CAS320 Comparative Modernities in Asia

Meet recent SAS alumn, Natalie Frigon

Natalie: Hi, my name is Natalie. I’m going into my fourth year. I have my specialist in peace, conflict, and justice and my major in contemporary Asian Studies. At CAS, I'll be talking about today is CAS320.

Asian Institute: Hi Natalie! What’s the course about?

Natalie: In Comparative Modernities in Asia, we learned about how countries such as Japan and India were formed, and how the people played a role in modernization movement.

Asian Institute: What did you enjoy about the course?

Natalie: My favorite part about the course was the professor herself. Professor Sundar was so sweet and she’s always so great to work with and gave the most interesting lectures.

Asian Institute: What will you remember from the course?

Natalie: On the last day of class Professor Sundar brought cookies and brownies and cupcakes for everyone, and they were the best snacks ever.

Asian Institute: Which food truck is the best food truck?

Natalie: The best food truck on campus is definitely the brown food truck. But the best place to grab a bite to eat is Innis Cafe whenever it opens. Bye!

Asian Institute: Thanks Natalie! Bye!