Asian Institute, Dr. David Chu program in Contemporary Asian Studies

CAS Course Highlights: CAS310 Comparative Colonialisms in Asia

Meet recent CAS alumn, Chan-Min Roh 

Chan: Hi! I’m Chan, I am a recent graduate of the Contemporary Asian Studies Program at the Asian Institute 

Asian Institute: Hi Chan! What course are you highlighting today? 

Chan: The course that I’m going to talk about is CAS310, Comparative Colonialisms in Asia. It’s a course, that, as the title states, explores the topic of colonialism in the Asian region.  

Asian Institute: What prompted you to enroll in the course? 

Chan: I enrolled in CAS310 because at the time, it was my second ever Contemporary Asian Studies course that I’ve ever been in. I had just finished taking CAS202 and that summer, I was looking through the catalogue of CAS courses and this one really stood out to me.  

Asian Institute: What influence did the course have on you? 

Chan: CAS310 impacted me in a few different ways but the biggest way that it affected me as a student and as a person as well, is it really encouraged me to take action on the ideas and concepts that I picked up. 

Asian Institute: What’s your favourite spot to study on campus? 

Chan: Emmanuel College Library. I think it’s a very underrated and underappreciated spot.  

Asian Institute: Settle it once and for all… Which food truck is the best food truck? 

Chan: The best food truck at U of T, hands down, for me, is the brown food truck right in front of Sidney Smith. 

Asian Institute: Thanks Chan! See you around! 

Chan: Bye! See you at the brown food truck!